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Franciscan Family of Brazil hosts Earth Day Encounter

Dear FABS members ,


It is with great joy that we share with you our encounter which happened on the International Day of the Earth, April 22. It was the convocation to all Franciscans in the northern part of Brazil to rearticulate the regional sector of the Franciscan Family of Brazil. This region has about 22 Franciscan congregations and groups of the third order secular Franciscans.


The encounter was facilitated by Sr. Mayara Ingrid Sousa Lima, OSF who is a member of the national board of the Franciscan Family of Brazil. There were about 18 Franciscans present: sisters, brothers and secular members. From our congregation, Sisters Suzana, Edinalva, Iaci and Angela were present. We discussed our mission to bring the mercy of God to all the world. We live in the midst of so many contradictions and cruelties of our times that many people have lost hope and are disillusioned and don’t believe in justice. Today’s world demands our response.


This was also a moment to enjoy our communion and joy as Franciscans through our sharing and prayers. A regional team was elected representing the various nucleus of the area. The team elected is:

  • Francisco José Corrêa de Araújo, OFS, representing Belém

  • Sr. Ivoneide Viana de Queiroz, IFM, Belém

  • Frei Rodolfo dos Santos Pimentel Júnior, OFM, Belém

  • Carmen Lúcia de Almeida, FPD, representing Òbidos

  • Aldo Luciano Corrêa de Lima, OFS representing Santarém


This team will coordinate the activities until the next assembly in June of 2019. 


Sr. Suzana Silva de Oliveira

Irmãs Franciscanas de Allegany celebrate Earth Day

During the Sisters first Assembly of 2018 they discussed the ministries that are currently underway. They discerned and decided the future missions and new projects that they will embrace. The days of Assembly ended with a joyous celebration and symbolic presentation of Earth Day with a tree planting on the grounds of Convento Mae Admirável.

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